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Stainless steel railing
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Building Stairs Out of Timber

I guess that the very first timber stair was a log that was leaned up against something at a higher level, and early man walked up it instead of climbing using his hands. It wouldn't have been long before notches were cut into the log to make steps.

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Australian design awards 2014

Premier award 2014 Best interior design in Australia Loft design

Introduction to Staircase Types and Materials

Staircase is not only a great housing decoration but also a long-term investment. Technically, staircase is a number of steps that lead from one level to another. So what are the types of stairs and what kind of stairs’ materials could be used to emphasize the unique style of interior?

Stairs: Examples of Stairs , Designing a Stair, Types of Construction, Handrails

There is no reason why the average do it yourself person can't build good looking and functional stairs. Whether it is an internal staircase or just a short few steps up onto an outside deck. The basics are the same.

How To Install Carpet On Stairs

There are basically two methods of installing carpet on stairs. One is the waterfall method where one piece of carpet covers each riser and tread. The other is the cap and band installation.

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