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„Auristila“ is seeking partners and representatives!

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„Auristila“ is seeking partners and representatives!
Print 2007-06-27 16:14  

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The company „Auristila“ is an official representative of window factory „Plastico“ in Lithuania.

The main business line of “Plastoco” includes production of plastic windows and doors, as well as aluminum profiles. Due to the close partnership with German enterprises „VEKA“,“Winkhaus“, as well as to high qualifications of workers and modern technology, we are able to produce over one thousand windows per day. Thanks to modern technology, the precision of profile links has achieved 0,2mm. A standard plastic window includes a selected glass, microventilation and an anti-vandal lock handle.We offer alluminiumware produced by such companies as Reynaers, Metalplast, Sapa. Alluminium systems are usually used in production of windows,doors,glazed verandas,mobile doors and the other alluminium constructions used in modern buildings and constructions.
Moreover,this company has been using specialized and automatized technology of such companies as URBAN,LEMUTH,HAFFNER,FIMTEC,RAPID,ALUMA, so its products are of excellent quality. The main virtue of these technologies are recycling, precision and high quality. Due to automatized standard the interference of a man in production process is reduced and in addition to this high quality is achieved. The whole production process including the supply of ran material and final result is under factory's control.
„Auristila“ is seeking partners and representatives!

Address:Algirdo g.6/7
Mobile phone:+370-686-81889
e-mail:info @


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