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„VIDALSTA“ is seeking partners and representatives!

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„VIDALSTA“ is seeking partners and representatives!
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We produce various metal constructions:

- Metal balcony rails (possible composition with wood, glass and so on.);
- Metal stair rails (possible composition with wood, glass and so on.);
- A variety of metal stairs (possible composition with wood, glass and soon.);
- Metal French style balconies;
- A variety of roof (with glass, polycarbonate (PVC) sheets, etc.);
- Metal constructions of terraces (wood belay by request);
- Metal aviaries (open, with the roof, combined);
- Metal cellar doors;
- Metal garage doors;
- A variety of metal fences, gates (combined with wood);
- The metal bars of windows and balconies;
- Blacksmith works: fences, gates, shades, handrails, balcony rails, lights, lamps, furniture, etc.
- Weathercocks;
- Decorations for your garden, yard;
- Metal greenhouses, shedders, carcasses, orangeries;
- Various non-standard metal constructions (Fire ladders, protective fencing, tables, benches, shelving, etc.).
Products can be made from black and stainless steel.
We also produce metal building construction:
- Trusses;
- Communications;
- Reinforcing carcasses (poles, reinforcements, inserted parts, anchor parts, "ladders", etc.)

We offer metal cutting and welding services. We not only design, manufacture, but also install our products.

Please send your requests by email: [email protected]

JSC "Vidalsta"
Kęstučio street 1A, Lentvaris, LT-25124 Trakai district, Lithuania

Company code: 301753598
VAT code: LT100004136413
c/a LT517044060006451911
AB SEB Vilniaus bankas, code 70440
Email: [email protected]
Phone number:+37061087440
Production director
Phone number: +37061284799



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