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Suggest your company
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ALLCONSTRUCTIONS.COM is a regularly updated web site displaying information about more than 2500 companies working in the sphere of construction. If you have not submitted your company yet, or the information submitted needs updating, please, fill in this form.

New company submission and information update is free of charge. The updated company is posted in the general list and cannot be seen among the newly submitted companies. A company can be placed free of charge in a maximum of 3 categories.

However, you have an opportunity to make you company more prominent than others. It can be located at the beginning of the company list, on the first page or on the home page among the new companies. All these options require additional fee.

If you wish to get more information explaining how to submit your company to our web site, please, contact us:

Address: Vytenio 50, Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 5 2333102
Fax: +370 5 2339756
E-mail: info @


Should there be any doubts regarding the quality of service provided by a company, ALLCONSTRUCTIONS.COM reserves the right not to display any information related to that company.


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