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MobileBuild, International specialized exhibition

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MobileBuild, International specialized exhibition
Print 2010-11-01 17:40  

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November, 1-3, 2010, the Exhibition Company "Mir Expo" will run the 2nd International Specialized Exhibition "MobileBuild" at the IEC Crocus Expo, pavilion 2, Hall 5 (Moscow, Russia).

"MobileBuild" is a unique specialized trade show in Russia dedicated entirely to the manufacture of pre-fabricated modular buildings and frame-supported fabric structure construction.

The Show's goals are to expose the companies involved in the pre-fabricated and modular buildings construction to their potential customers, encourage investment activities in the building and construction industry and facilitate the effective promotion of the new construction technologies in the market.

By showcasing the state-of-the-art developments in this field the Show contributes to the fulfillment of the national program "Affordable and Comfortable Housing to the citizens of Russia" thanks to the use of pre-fabricated affordable houses.
Main subjects of the Show are: mobile industrial constructions, dismountable houses on the basis of framework structures and sandwich panels, modular structures, skeletonized awning constructions, pneumo-framed modules and structures, air-supported constructions.

In 2010 there expected to exhibit about 50-70 companies in "MobileBuild" Show from Russia from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Naberezhnye Chelny, Novgorod Region and other cities, from CIS countries and far-abroad ones as well. The participants will exhibit their latest products in modern construction technologies and innovations: sandwich panels, sandwich panels production equipment, light metal structure construction, modular pavilions, steel and aluminium structures, mobile units, pre-fabricated block-modules, frame-supported fabric hangars, summer cafes and pavilions, marquees, tents and many others.

A research-and-practice seminar "The State and Perspectives of Development of the Mobile Construction in Russia" as well as presentations of the participant companies, will run within the "MobileBuild" Trade Show


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