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Website Usage Agreement

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Website Usage Agreement
Print 2009-07-03 14:37  

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Becoming a registered user of one of the group websites (,,,,,,, , you are becoming a member of all the websites in group.

The following terms regulate legal relations between all registered users of Allconstructions websites (further - User) and the owner of the websites, known as Joint-Stock Company "IKS" (further - IKS), existing during the use the website.

By registering in group websites (,,,,,,,, you confirm that you know the terms of the website use agreement (further -Terms) and agree to be bound by them:

1. The user agrees that when he registers and logs in the system, it records the User's computer IP address and the date and time of the access into the system. User's data is going to be used in the registration as well as later administrating in the system.

2. IKS protects User's personal information and uses it according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and other legislative acts of the Republic of Lithuania, regulating processing and protecting of that kind of data.

3. The user:

3.1. may not write comments/blogs that are disrespectful, irrelevant, signed by another person's name, infringe the law or are of advertising nature.

3.2. may not use websites for the purpose of carrying out illegal transactions or deceiving;

3.3. may not submit information:

3.3.1. the publication of which infringes the rights of intellectual property, copyright, other property and/or non-property rights of the third parties.
3.3.2. offending honour and dignity of public and private people;
3.3.3. advocating violence and hatred based on nationality, religion and race or other illegal actions according to the law of the Republic of Lithuania;
3.3.4. which can offend other peoples feelings;
3.3.5. of pornographic or erotic nature;
3.3.6. is against good traditions and professional ethics;
3.3.7. the publication of which is against laws or other legislative acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
3.3.8. which can affect normal website operation and security.

 3.4.  shall ensure that during the use of websites all of the data supplied by the User:

3.4.1 is precise and truthful, and is updated as soon as possible;
3.4.2. is not infected by viruses and contains no any other computer programs or   files, which could harm the portals or in any other way impede normal use of the websites, or which after the user's access of the websites could remain on the user's computer and could harm the portals or in any other way impede normal use of the websites, or which after saving on person's computer could harm the portals or in any other way impede normal use of the websites;
3.4.3. does not violate legislation acts (including legislative acts  regulating the protection of user rights and competition, and import-export norms).

4. The user registered as a company's representative and granted the right by his company to submit information about the company's products, services or events, is confirming that he has the right from the company to edit company's information.

5. The registered user, entitled to submit information about company's products, services or events is additionally obligated:

5.1. when registered, to indicate the exact name of the company, as well as the name and last name of the person, responsible for submission of the information;

5.2. to keep information up to date;

5.3. not to offer services or products, selling of which is prohibited or limited;

5.4. to be fully responsible for the submitted information being in compliance with the current laws of the Republic of Lithuania and not to violate copyright.

6. IKS has the right to send information appearing in portals to registered users by email.

7. IKS reserves the right to delete blog entries and comments that are disrespectful, irrelevant to the subject, are of advertising nature, advocate illegal action or violate laws in any other way.

8. IKS is not obligated to add missing information or data, except when is required by laws or other legislative act of the Republic of Lithuania.

9. IKS does not hold responsible for any information added by a User that does not correspond to the legislative acts of the Republic of Lithuania or other legal acts.

10. When the User publishes information, including text, photographs, pictures, graphic elements, comments, description of photographs, blogs, etc., it gives IKS the right to use that information in other websites belonging to IKS, translate into other languages and edit.

11. The user understands and agrees that operation of websites can be affected by many circumstances which IKS cannot control. IKS cannot guarantee that websites will be available all the time. IKS is not liable for the failure of websites or their databases, or to User's or third party's material losses caused by technical failures and/or other events that IKS cannot control or influence and because of which the User cannot use websites (the failure of internet connection, hardware failure, telecommunication hardware or other hardware failure, etc.). IKS is nor liable for any harm resulting from the use of the websites, including, but not limited to direct and not direct harm.

12. The content of this website is copyrighted, including its reproducing, adapting, translating, saving or editing in other mass media, as well as saving and editing in any other electronic way (whether it is the whole text/image or just its part). In order to use any part of the website content in other mass media, prior permission from IKS is required.

 13. Final provisions:

13.1. Apart this Agreement, the relation between parties is regulated by acting legislative acts of the Republic of Lithuania, established practice of working relationship, and the standards of professional ethics.

13.2. All the conflicts regarding this Agreement emerging between IKS and the User shall be resolved through negotiations. If negotiations fail, the case shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania Republic in court at the location of IKS.

Due to the continued growth of the websites, in order to ensure their better and safer usage IKS reserves the right to to modify or revise this Agreement in its sole discretion.


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