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USA: Green Building Competition for New York City

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USA: Green Building Competition for New York City
Print 2008-04-16 13:45  

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The City of New York (the City) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) Region 2 are pleased to co-sponsor the third Green Building Competition for
New York City. This national competition attracts professionals and students from
across the field to present their innovative green building design projects and ideas for
New York City. As a pre-eminent urban center, the City of New York provides the ideal
venue to showcase the world’s green buildings.

The Theme: Integration
This year’s theme – INTEGRATION –sets New York apart from other urban centers.
Not only is New York City the heart of the design and construction industry but it stands
out as a cultural and sustainable epicenter. Therefore, the competition seeks out
projects and proposals epitomizing fully integrated, sustainable buildings that assimilate
the surrounding community.
The competition aims to highlight and showcase building projects that educate and
inspire design excellence around aesthetically pleasing green building practices, and:
• INTEGRATE CONSTRUCTION…projects that utilize whole building design
principles to optimize utilization of material, natural and financial resources
• INTEGRATE OCCUPANCY…projects that incorporate post occupancy concerns
into the project’s overall objectives
• INTEGRATE COMMUNITY…projects that incorporate green buildings into the
existing landscape and fabric of the community, highlighting environmental,
economic, and social contributions.

The Vision: High-Performance Design
The City and EPA envision building green as the standard practice in construction,
demolition and rehabilitation projects across the nation with New York City as the
showcase. The Solaire, the first green residential high-rise in the world, opened in 2003
in Lower Manhattan and numerous projects have begun or completed construction
(e.g., the new Bank of America building at One Bryant Park, the Queens Botanical
Garden in Flushing, and the second, third and fourth green residential high-rises in
Battery Park City). Some of the most recent green buildings have moved beyond
function to incorporate complex designs and architectural excellence, as realized by the
Bronx Zoo’s Lion House, a landmarked building. In a city like New York, design is
fundamental and the City and EPA continue to encourage projects that achieve
outstanding creative design and environmental excellence.
Jury Members
• Helena Durst, Assistant Vice President, Durst Organization
• Robert F. Fox, Jr., Partner, Cook+Fox Architects
• Charles Griffith, Co-Chair, Committee on the Environment, NYC Chapter
AIA, Polshek Partnership Architects, LLP, Associate Partner
• Susan Kaplan, Vice Chair, Executive Board, NY Chapter USGBC, Hugh L.
Carey Battery Park City Authority
• Laurie Kerr, Senior Policy Advisor on Green Building and Energy, New
York City Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability
• Jennifer Ward Souder, Director of Capital Projects, Queens Botanical
• Jessica Strauss, Co-Chair, Committee on the Environment, NYC Chapter
AIA, NYC Chapter Steel Leaf LLC, Principal; NYC Chapter Yale School of
• Meg Walker, Vice President, Project for Public Spaces
• Claire Weisz, Founding Principal, Weisz + Yoes Architecture; Board
Member, Design Trust for Public Space
Please note, depending on the number of submissions, there may be additional jurors.
Eligible Applicants
This is an open competition that encourages artists, architects, community members,
environmental designers, landscape architects and urban designers, both individuals
and teams, to submit proposals.
Note: Sponsoring agency and organization projects may not be submitted. Finalists from
the 2004 and 2006 competitions will not be considered for the 2008 competition.

Projects must be classified in one of the three following categories:
• Built
This category is for projects that have completed construction/renovation and
successfully incorporated an exemplary palette of green building strategies into
beautiful designs. Projects must be completed by the date of submission,
January, 2008.
• Design/Construction Project
Due to the recent expansion of the green building market within New York City,
this category seeks submissions of projects that are in final stages of design or
that are currently under construction. These submissions should include
thoughtful schematic designs and development documents.
• Conceptual Design
To continue the push for innovative solutions and ideas, this category seeks
submissions of projects that are strictly conceptual designs. These projects must
include thoughtful schematic design and development documents.
All designs must address a specific site and its conditions, combining exemplary green
building components and aesthetics to best serve the needs of the site and surrounding
community. For all categories, only projects built in or designed for a specific site within
the five boroughs of New York City will be accepted.
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