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Log houses, timber homes, round logs ant handycraft , mashinery logs houses, wooden houses

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ASA HOUSES is a cluster of companies which works in Lithuania and Poland. The cluster consists of the companies which produce log houses, framework houses, panel houses in the best way and the other companies which collect the house under construction. We can suggest the best price for high-quality furniture, windows, doors, outdoor furniture, equipment, flooring, staircases. Also, we cooperate with the companies which provide services and may construct a house in all countries of Europe.

Our log houses have been erected in Spain, Norway, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, and Russia. There have been individual houses as well as blocks of houses built.

The employees have many years experience in construction of log houses; they studied in Norway and Finland. The architects/designers are specializing in log house constructions and are the established specialists of this sphere in Lithuania.

In constructions of log houses, Lithuanian or Nordic pine logs are used; there are wood dryers. The log processing may also differ. Houses are built from various diameter lathed round logs, cut mechanically or manually, or in both ways. We also the offer of glued log houses.

The quality control implemented in the company prevents from departing from technological standards. In case of complete equipment of the house, we employ contractors.

Name Short description Master price
Campings Wood House WOOF1 Timber house, log houses, camping house
Log home CABIN Log home CABIN
Log House Artis Loghouses from Duplex system
Log House Bernardo Log House Bernardo
Log House KITS Log House KITS
Log house Plans Log house Plans
Loghouses Navaro Loghouses Navaro
Siberian larch wood HOTTUB Siberian larch wood HOTTUB 1250.0 EUR
Siberian spruce wood HOTTUB Siberian spruce wood HOTTUB 1050.0 EUR
Timber home Reno Timber home Reno
Timber House REMAR Timber House REMAR
Wooden House Astra Wooden House Astra


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Log houses, timber homes, round logs ant handycraft , mashinery logs houses, wooden houses Vytenio 50, Vilnius
Email: [email protected]

1 2 3 4 5 ... 155