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Lighting Fixtures & Bulbs

An appropriate choice of different lighting fixtures, light bulbs, and lighting techniques can allow the mood, or atmosphere, created in any given space – whether is be a living space, a home office, a kitchen or bathroom, for example – to be adjusted to its purpose.

Major Lighting Types

Lighting, of course, has a definite, practical purpose. It allows use to see each other, move about, and perform everyday tasks, safely, when natural light is unavailable, or insufficient. Above and beyond that basic practicality, however, lighting can be used to create atmosphere, or mood, in a space, which directly influences the attitude and behaviour of inhabitants of that space.

Lighting up the Kitchen

When designing your kitchen lighting, say a categorical “NO” to the location of a randomly chosen lamp in the geometrical centre of the ceiling.

Bright Alternatives for Kitchen Lighting

If you're looking for ways to brighten up your kitchen, there are some interesting alternatives for kitchen lighting that go well beyond the standard ceiling light.

Enhance Your Room Design with Dynamic Lighting

Lighting has come a long way in the last 10 years. You can now easily find a sophisticated lamp or chandelier within your budget that will help you create beautiful dimension for your interiors.

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