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Oasis in the Middle of the Apartment.
Print 2007-08-20 11:33  

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This project in Nanjing was facing one big challenge from the beginning. The initial layout was foreseeing a balcony, which length was more then normal balconies. The client wanted to use this area as BBQ area. By including a Jacuzzi into this area, the designer created form this idea an “Oasis” theme which sits in the middle of the apartment. It became the highlight of this apartment. It’s like having your own little spa.

The overall theme was Asian influenced design with a mix of minimalist and contemporary design elements. The choice of certain materials like wood, fabrics and accessories is the Asian design backbone of the overall concept. The fabric glass enclosure which separates the kitchen from the entrance hall and also the living room is the best example for Asian influence mixed with state of the art production method. The result is a product that is traditional and yet modern.

Since the apartment size is 100m2 the designer has implemented ceiling to floor mirrors in the kitchen to create a more spacious feel. Same was done in the living room and on one side of the big window front in the living room. By that the window appears double the normal size.
Floor heating and central AC was added to provide state of the art comfort. In order to save energy every room has ceiling fans as well to be used in combination with AC.Lighting is has preset mood settings and can be remote controlled as well.

The wall between the bathroom and master bedroom was redesigned and a large glass was implemented to allow the bathroom to get more light from the master bedroom.

The selection of the bed and the fabrics are underlining the Asian design theme of the overall concept.

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