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Working place of a teenager
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If you are about to design a room for your child to study first of all it is recommended not to purchase huge furniture pieces, and if you have those already in your house or apartment, not to place them in your child's room. A place for studying will be really convenient if you go for a proper layout as well as natural or artificial light sources.

Table should stand in a back position turned to a window with a left corner. This inspires work and makes less interruption - a child does not get distracted by what is happening outside. Yet, when the table is turned to a window, its surface gets a bigger amount of light, however everything depends on the lighting of the interior.

As modern technologies are already available, day light can be easily replaced with artificial light sources. Of course, in order to avoid your child geting tired these should be adjusted together. Compact luminescence lamp is a perfect combination with an ordinary or day light bulbs which create a directional light flow to a working surface. A great advice would be to create optimum lighting - adjust a wall illuminator and a coloured cornice which reflects light by separating an illuminator above the working zone.

It is also important to make a suitable choice of a chair. It is worth purchasing a convenient working chair with a regulated seat and back height. Adjusted seat and back height is especially important if you have two kids or more so that each could adjust the chair height acording to their needs. The seat of the chair should not be too long to make sure that the child does not get slouched whilst studying whereas its back does not touch the back of the chair. This creates a proper posture and the back muscle does not get tired. A posture is proper when legs touch the floor ( if they don't touch, a bench could be placed), back touches the back part of the chair and with elbows bended on the table, parallel with the floor.

A proper posture requires a table of a certain height. Special measures are as follows: for example, people, whose height is from 146 to 160 cm need a table of 64 cm. Many manufactured writing tables have the height of 72 cm, that's why a table with an adjusted height should be chosen. The standard of European working table height is optimal (1600 cm in length and 800 cm in width). In order to get a convenient use of a table, it is recommended not to fill it with notes and books; it should also have a convenient and reachable place to keep the small items, for example, coloured plastic containers and a decorative rubbish bin.

It is important to get your child used to safe things and keep the working space tidy. For this you could purchase and hang the shelves of various width; it is better to adjust the open shelves to closed sections. Small boxes and special containers for tiny office items in to the drawer of a writing table could also be fitted so that everything would be in its places.

If your child's space does not have enough space for a complete working zone, consider which pieces of furniture are essential in the room and which ones could be removed. Consider if you could design a  platform where it would be possible to place a working table or a place for resting. Light weigh cupboards could also be fitted beside the ceiling to hide unwanted things, etc. As your child grows, a bed can be replaced with a bended sofa - this will allow to save place.

If you have more than one child, remember to separate a sleeping place from the working zone, for example an adjustable divider, fabric blinds or screen, so that one child could study, without disturbing another's sleep.


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