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Living Room / Dining Room / Library
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This house and its furnishings were dated and needed a major face lift. The project was done in four phases over three years to allow the clients to live in the house during each phase and give them "breathers" between phases.

The spaces were very angular and open to each other with awkward ceiling transitions and dark beams. The goal was to create very warm welcoming social spaces conducive to entertaining. The client's collection of Asian artifacts needed to be showcased and areas of display needed to be created for his growing collection of paintings.

A number of bizarre angles in the living room and library were eliminated in an effort to create display areas and to square out rooms. The step down into the Living room and library was relocated to enhance the view from the entry and create a larger dining room. Beams throughout the space were made uniform in size and covered with drywall. The outdated the fireplaces which previously gave the impression of one unit were redefined and given two unique looks.

Since it was hard to fight the strong angles Razvi decided to enhance them by the use of geometry in the furnishings. The living room sectional is custom and angular, the dining room table is round to soften the angles. Large scaled furniture was imperative for the large volume of space and meticulously planned groupings create individual spaces that still "talk" to each other through their style of furnishings, colors and accessories.

Living Room

Cherry wood floors throughout. The magnificent room was enhanced by replacing twelve smaller windows with eight larger ones. Automated window shades mounted on the exterior provide an uninterrupted view of the valley.

Living room


Living room

Dining Room

A large Capiz lamp that the clients owned had to be accommodated somewhere in the décor. Razvi created a special niche to enclose it so it seems to belong in the space while providing a warm glow of light when dining. Custom designed railing was inspired by an Asian line of furnishings.

Dining room

Dining room


Lighted niches house the unique collection of art objects that the Clients owned. An eclectic mix of furnishings create a very comfortable and inviting room.



Razvi Design Studio, Inc.

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