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Dover Heights Residence
Print 2008-06-16 12:18  

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A recipe for disaster:  Keen smart bright young clients wanting to create a dream family home by renovating the old house.  You eventually find that what is required only requires you to keep a few walls, and it's silly so you try to convince the clients to knock it down and build something new, that will perform like a modern house but won't cost more than renovating?
That's what the designers did, with the aid of sketches showing both options and a realistic Quantity Surveyor.  The focus is on adaptability and "openability" of space. The importance of the "interstitial" or veranda zone, the relationship and transition between indoor and outdoor space.

Photos by Sharrin Rees

Brian Meyerson Architects Pty Ltd

direct ph. 8284 5711

e [email protected]

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