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Renovated Apartment in New York
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When this young couple moved back from a 3-year stint in London, they returned to New York to live in one of Central Park West’s exclusive buildings. They purchased a ‘classic 7’ apartment with the intention of renovating only the kitchen and just decorating the remainder of the apartment.
At the start of construction, it was discovered that the 20-year old renovation done by the prior owner was not to code and posed a hazard to the building. The couple was forced to bring the apartment up to code, which meant gutting the entire apartment. Only 4 walls remained standing! The kitchen, which had already been designed and the cabinets ordered based on the original layout had to be re-organized to fit into the newly expanded and configured space.
Perianth Interior Design was able to make a “family-style” eat-in kitchen out of the space and to utilize all but one standing cabinet in the new design.
The standard chic appliances were used such as a Viking range and Sub-Zero refrigerator were used as well as a beautiful porcelain farmhouse sink, which was the owner’s dream! The Caesar Stone countertop was used to imitate cement and Italian tiles that the couple bought during a trip to Italy were artfully placed above the stove. Wood floors create continuity from the rest of the apartment. The clients had purchased much of their furniture while overseas and their table came from the French Countryside.
Bennison fabrics make the window treatments and seat cushions and special silk ribbon from Mokuba in NY make the finishing touch! The remainder of the apartment was re-designed to include more closet space, a laundry room, and office and a newly configured Entry Foyer.
The client calls most of the furnishings ‘crusty.’ They also come from shopping trips in London and France. Perianth used special fabrics from Holly Hunt and Brunschwig & Fils to complete the project.
All the upholstery was custom, with the exception of the Crate & Barrel sofa, which blends right in and looks great!
Perianth Interior Design
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