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Wardrobes Accommodating your Bedrooms Quirks and Oddities
Print 2007-08-20 12:16  

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In an ideal world a bedroom should be a clutter-free, calming space promoting sleepand relaxation. The reality is usually the exactopposite. If your room resembles a village jumble sale in full swing, which causes great anxiety assoon as you set foot in it, MFI is on hand to help.Storage is the key to dealing with clutter.
Increased wardrobe space and proper drawers are needed to cope with your love of shoes, belts and the latest fashion must-haves. Here is how MFI can help.MFI has a design service called Perfect Fit: a range of made-to-measure, floor-to-ceiling,wall-to-wall wardrobes that will accommodateany of your bedrooms quirks and oddities.

Whether it is a chimney-breast or eaves, MFI can include these into their design tocreate seamless and chic storage using everylast piece of available space. Perfect Fit wardrobes can be mixed withfreestanding chests and co-ordinating beds tomake your room more individual.

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