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Stove Harvia Legend 150 – novelty for small and for wood-heated saunas
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Great amount of stones – wonderful sauna bath.

The Harvia Legend woodburning stoves give you the ultimate sauna experience. The black steel frame has a mighty amount of stones inside, and as they heat up, you get a magnificent sauna bath even at a lower temperature. The large number of stones ensures good heat, even if the fire dies down in between.

The Legend stoves have a modern grate structure that enables the wood to burn more efficiently and cleanly. The smaller than usual safety distances from the side and back surfaces to burning materials enable you to locate the benches more freely. The Legend stoves can be equipped with a pipe-mounted water heater.

The Harvia Legend 150 offers a comfortably moist sauna bath for a smaller sauna. The stove is a treat for the eye and for the sauna bather. The Harvia Legend 150 is equipped with a cast-iron glass door, allowing the warm glow of the fire to complement the sauna atmosphere. The steel frame has adjustable legs.

The size of the sauna room is 5–15 m3 and the maximum amount of stones is 120 kg.

Categories: Baths, saunas
Wood-heated stove Harvia Legend 150
Wood-heated stove Harvia Legend 150

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