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Multifuel Stove Be Modern Monterrey 4.4kW Multifuel Stove Be Modern Monterrey 4.4kW
Wood or solid fuels stove with full cast iron construction
579.99 LTL
Fireplaces Corona and Corona Steel Stainless steel Fireplaces Corona and Corona Steel
Fireplaces Corona and Corona Steel
Steel chimney Steel chimney
Steel chimney

Heated floor

Heated floor can guarantee warmth and coziness in your home environment. Quite often the device of heated floor refers to effective use of energy and convenient conditions in the area. When you heat the area with a heat-exchanger, the highest temperature is at the celing. In summer, when cold water goes through the drains, heated walls can also cool the area.

Electric fireplace as a warmth and decoration element in your house

Sometimes even impossible things can get possible. These words can be told whilst dreaming about a fireplace in your home. There is already a chance to build a fireplace even in a small room without thinking of chimney or specific building works. Electric fireplace is a great fireplace solution in your home which is quite a new fireplace type in a modern market.

Why do we need an air-conditioner

As an artificial way of air ventilation, air-conditioner helps to keep the air inside clearer and cleaner. The sense of our well being is highly related to air temperature, humidity and cleanness of the air. The negative effect that the bad ventilation of the area makes is bigger than the one of the air atmosphere.

Pipes for sewerage and heating

If you are building a new house, boiler-room, renovating your home or thinking of installing a piped water system, you might need to consider the pipes you will use for sewerage and heating in the first place. And it is advised to do it carefully as your best investment are the pipes which are durable and of a high quality.


Additional Loss of Heat

Humidity regime of the room which is directly related to the heating regime is of a great importance.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal energy is generally defined, nowadays, as the available thermal, or heat, energy stored in the Earth’s crust, down to a depth of 3 miles, or so.

Gas Heater a Great Addition for Garage or Shop

Natural gas and propane heaters can offer clean and safe heat for your garage, woodshop, barn, or other work areas. Portable and permanently installed models are available, both vented and non-vented.

A home heating system with brains

No matter what type of heating system you have, one of the keys to its operation is the thermostat. Most people don't give much thought to that little box on the wall, but the right thermostat can hold the key to both energy savings and improved comfort.

How to Protect Home from Winter's Fury

The roof and those four sturdy walls need to protect you from winter's fury, and there are several things you can do to help get ready.

Installing the Heating System: Main Mistakes

So, you are through with repairing your home, laying new pipes and installing new heaters. And of course, you hope that all the actions taken and material costs covered will guarantee you a comfortable well-being during the winter

New Home-Heating Options

If your home already has a central heating system, chances are that simply adding a new duct run to the existing system will be the easiest and most cost-effective choice.

Lack of Chimney Lining Could be Fire Hazard

Combustion danger is greater in older home

Make Your Duct System More Efficient

There are two elements to your heating system that need to work in tandem to deliver warm air in an efficient manner.

Radiators. Basic types

Your radiators will never leak if choosing the appliance you will consider whether and to what extent they are adaptable to certain usage conditions and what usage limitations are there in every specific case.

Furnace ducts need full-service cleaning

Homeowner tired of dust, but worried about asbestos

Radiant Heat: A Warm House from the Floor Up

If a new house or a room addition is something that's in your future, you may be thinking about what type of heating system to install. One system that may not come to mind - but that's well worth considering - is radiant floor heat.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces -- whether freestanding or built-in -- are available in a surprising number of sizes, styles and colors. They can heat a single room or an entire house, and offer a variety of options to increase convenience and efficiency.

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