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Millennium Hardwoods Ltd

Address:The Old Sawmills, Hackworth Industrial Park,Shildon
Phone:0800 6522475
Fax:01388 777408
Mobile:07779 4215272
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Hardwood Flooring
Choosing the right floor for your home is always a difficult choice.

Selecting a solid hardwood floor will prove to be the wise choice.
Fitting a Millennium Hardwoods floor is the wisest choice.

Solid hardwood floors, fitted correctly and lovingly cherished, will last more than a lifetime. Once fitted, they can be easily maintained or refurbished after wear and tear. They will outlast any other floor covering as well as being the healthiest option.

Finally, a solid hardwood floor will fit in almost any interior scheme. As fashions change and colours come and go, the natural beauty of a solid hardwood floor continues to shine whatever the décor around it.

A solid hardwood floor from Millennium Hardwoods is the wisest choice.

Our friendly staff are more than happy to discuss your requirements or enquiries without obligation until 9.00pm, we are also available at weekends.

Please telephone 07794 215272 with your questions no matter how small or big for peace of mind and reassurance! At the end of the day, we are here to help.


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Millennium Hardwoods Ltd

Millennium Hardwoods Ltd The Old Sawmills, Hackworth Industrial Park,Shildon, Durham
Phone: 0800 6522475, Mobile: 07779 4215272, Email: [email protected]

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