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Steel chimney
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Steel chimney - A stylish new chimney solution.

The Harvia steel chimney is an easy to install stylish chimney solution. Mainly designed for woodburning stoves, smaller fireplace models and iron stoves, the steel chimney can withstand large temperature changes.

Its timeless, rounded design combined to its steel surface makes it a pleasure to look at. Since the outer casing and inner tube are made out of stainless steel, the product is durable and maintains its appearance.

The standard delivery of the steel chimney includes a 1.5 m steel chimney (WHP1500) and a utility box with a rain cap, a rubber rain flange and a stainless steel lead-through flange for the ceiling. The package also includes a 1 m long non-isolated smoke pipe. Supplementary parts of 0.5 m (WHP500) and 1.0 m (WHP1000) are available as accessories for this stainless steel chimney. The maximum installation height of the steel chimney solution is 5 m.

The rated maximum temperature of combustion gases for a furnace connected to a Harvia steel chimney is 600 oC. The external diameter of the steel chimney is 220 mm and the diameter of the smoke pipe is 115 mm. The safety distance to inflammable materials is 100 mm. The Harvia steel chimney has been awarded with a CE-marking, so the product complies with all international fire- and operational safety requirements. The steel chimney is sootfire proof.

Installing the Harvia steel chimney is easy. Thanks to an ingenious mechanism, the supplementary parts are wound together and the smoke pipes are also equipped with slots to lock them together. This prevents movement caused by temperature changes. Indoors, the chimney can be installed up to a height of 3 meters without support and outdoors the corresponding self-supported installation height is 2 m.

The Harvia wide product range also includes smoke- and angle pipes for various mounting solutions. Smoke pipes made of painted or stainless steel are available for all Harvia woodburning products.

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Steel chimney
Steel chimney

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