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Fire resistance doors- SKYDAS STANDART EI45 Fire resistance doors- SKYDAS STANDART EI45
Metal door, armoured fireproof door SKYDAS, door with go...
Apartment doors - SKYDAS Standart 3 Apartment doors - SKYDAS Standart 3
Burglar resistant door, modern entrance door
Entrance doors SKYDAS Standart Entrance doors SKYDAS Standart
Private house or cottage Entrance doors, doors with full ...
Interior laminated doors
Interior wooden doors
Interior veneered doors
Sliding doors

Door Installation

To properly install a door will take you 2-4 hours. The case presented in the article is a non-typical one, as the manufactured door is too long for the existing door opening and the opening itself is wider than the frame.

Where to use the sliding systems

Sliding systems help to create our home interior design in a way it meets our aesthetic and physical needs. As sliding systems are not only functional but also practical in terms of space saving, it can be used for different purposes - anywhere from lobby, bedroom or sitting room to kitchen, garage or children's room.

Door Frames or Door Jambs

Modern steel frame door frames are great, they are stiff and resist bending. They already have the hinges on. The are compact to transport and can be easily assembled by semi skilled labour.

Door Basics

We make and use doors for the same reasons that we have done so for centuries. The materials and technologies have changed but surprisingly the reasons remain the same: security, protection from weather, privacy.

Simplifying Home's Door Installation

When it comes time to install doors in your new home or remodel project, you can save a lot of time, labor and frustration by purchasing your doors as pre-hung units.

Common Door-Painting Questions Answered

Can a door be painted with a roller? Is there any special technique to painting a paneled door? What's the best method for painting several doors at once?

From Dining Room to Bedroom in Just Over a Weekend

How to build new interior wall, add door and soundproofing

Wood and Ligneous Materials in Door Manufacturing

Wood is a material that is traditionally used for the production of doors. As a natural material, wood has its advantages as well as disadvantages, which should be considered in their production and usage.

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