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Replacement Windows - Measuring the Value
Print 2007-09-03 13:08  

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There are a number of great reasons to consider installing replacement windows in your home. The technology used to construct vinyl frames and insulated glass has improved drastically in recent years. Energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows that look great and are affordable are becoming the best option for many homeowners.

For a number of years, wooden replacement windows were the standard of quality and longevity. Wood was favored for its stability and its natural insulating characteristics. That notion is quickly changing however, as homeowners and contractors alike are becoming aware of the value and easy maintenance that comes with choosing to install vinyl.

Understanding Materials

The production of vinyl replacement windows now includes a number of features that makes them much more than just a pane of glass inside a frame. Foam-filled frames with mitered joints increase the aesthetic value of windows, while also making your home much more sound proof. Insulated glass made up of two or even three panes of glass contributes to the sound-deadening quality of the replacements.

Specialized coatings, such as Low-E, combined with Argon-filled insulating spaces between the panes, serve to increase the insulating qualities of replacement windows. Not only will your new vinyl replacements stop drafts, advanced features work to stop the transmission of radiant heat. As you learn more about available features, it will quickly become apparent that the cost of replacing your old wooden windows with something better will be worth every penny.

Measuring the Value

While the initial cost of replacing the windows of your house can be intimidating, it doesn't take very long to realize just how quickly your replacement windows pay for themselves. In an effort to measure the value of your best replacement options, you need to consider several factors. The first is simply how much your heating and cooling costs will drop. Energy-efficient replacement windows will lower your heating bills.

You also need to take into consideration the value of your home itself. High-quality replacement windows can play a large roll in driving up the resale value of your home. Whether you are trying to increase the appraised value of your home so that you can borrow against it, or are actually in the market to sell your house, buying replacement windows is one of the first projects to undertake.

Finding someone you can trust

The biggest challenge that you may face when selecting replacement windows is finding an installer that you trust. Don't take a contractor's qualifications of installing house windows for granted. Labor will be a big part of the cost of replacing your old windows, so you need to be confident that you are going to get what you are paying for. Ask plenty of questions of contractors and be sure to follow up on the references that a contractor provides with their estimate. If anything at all makes you feel uncomfortable, keep looking for a contractor that you trust. Remember, the contractor works for you and should be going out of the way to treat you well.

Some contractors only buy replacement product from specific manufacturers. They may be specifically trained to work with that particular brand of replacement windows, or because they get a good price break from the vendor. Regardless of the reason, if you speak with a contractor who doesn't use a brand of replacements that you want, find someone else rather than change your mind on brand. Chances are that you will have taken the time to do your own extensive research on different brands and will have an idea of what features you want. If you are going to make this large of an investment and renovation, you need to find a contractor who can meet your needs.
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