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kitchen lighting

Lighting above the kitchen island

Kitchen interior, lighting fixures in the kitchen and above the island.

Ceiling – fixed illuminators

Have you ever purchased an illuminator? Didn‘t your head start spinning round because of the available variety? The shop shelves are full of various light emitting products of different size and power, such as halogen, day light, neon, etc. An there is even more to choose from when it comes to a variety of illuminators.

Windmills as energy generators

Windmill can be defined as a machine which is powered by the energy of the wind. The latest applications of windmills include water pumping for stock and domestic supplies as well as electricity generation. The basic windmill has a tower, wind wheel, drive mechanism and a positive displacement pump.

Do-it-yourself Fix for Crossed Electrical Wires

When I bought my house, the home inspector said some of the electrical outlets had reverse polarity. He said it was a simple repair, but I don't remember what to do...

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