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Make Your Duct System More Efficient

There are two elements to your heating system that need to work in tandem to deliver warm air in an efficient manner.

Chill Out the Chills

All of us are looking for ways to conserve energy and stretch our heating and cooling dollars as far as possible. Some often-overlooked problem areas are the home's many small vent dampers, which can account for a significant amount of air leakage if they are not functioning properly.

Micro Hoods Add Space and Convenience to the Kitchen

One of the most useful and efficient items to arrive on the kitchen appliance scene in recent years is the micro-hood, and combination of microwave and exhaust hood

What one needs to know when buying an air conditioner

Air conditioner is not just simple appliance which is ready to start operating once you plugged it in. Equipment itself is not the primary concern – it is much more important to install it properly, as well as to get all appropriate servicing guarantees.

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