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What one needs to know when buying an air conditioner
Print 2007-04-27 17:27  

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1. Air conditioner is not just simple appliance which is ready to start operating once you plugged it in. Equipment itself is not the primary concern – it is much more important to install it properly, as well as to get all appropriate servicing guarantees. Long and reliable operation of an air conditioner depends not just on the reputation of the company selling, installing and maintaining it, but rather on the qualification of the workers performing the installation and maintenance work. Experience shows that eighty percent of all defects occurring in HVAC equipment are caused by the low professional qualification of workers installing it.
2. Only specialized firms having at least one-year experience can help you to solve your microclimate problems. Such companies not only offer a good choice of products, but also provide installation and routine maintenance service, as well as spare parts.
3. No serious company, regardless the business it runs, will ever be ready to sell its products for nothing. Do not let yourself to be tempted by low prices and free installation.
4. When choosing a specialized company, consult your acquaintances who have already had a similar system installed. Ask them how it operates, what kind of maintenance and warranty service you can expect, etc.
5. Even with the highest quality of the products offered, there is no guarantee that no problems will arise, especially if they are caused by the “human factor”. Therefore, when consulting a company, make sure that its specialists have all necessary certificates. Inquire which services they are supposed to offer and how long it will take them to perform the work.
6. Remember that the company manager should visit the premises where an air conditioning system will be installed before you choose the air conditioner. It is only an expert who can determine the right place for it., the consumer’s viewpoint must be taken into account as well. Try to find out who will be later performing the warranty service, because no reliable firm will start servicing your equipment if someone of dubious reputation has installed it.
7. When signing a contract, see to it that all the points discussed, as well as the deadline for performing the work are included .
8. Remember that warranty service and maintenance service are two different things. Warranty service is provided by the supplier, often through some distributors representing the brand. As a rule, warranty service expires in one year after the purchase. Maintenance service is provided for the air conditioning system to last as long as possible. Maintenance service means a lot more than just changing the batteries or filters – sometimes a qualified fault diagnosis, which only specialized companies are capable to perform, is required.
9. During the installation process do not disturb or hurry the installers. When installation is over, ask them to explain you the main safety and operating instructions.

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