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Builder's Deficiencies are Homeowners Risks

Don't risk you and your families safety because your home builder doesn't know anything about proper lock installation. It's become common place discovering locks that are not installed properly in many new homes.

Parkade alarm stops apartment sneak thieves

This area is one the largest security concerns for apartment dweller's today. It has been the birth of more violations than any other area in the multi-housing family. It's knowingly the easiest way for a thief to gain entry.I'm talking about the overhead garage door entry area.

Safety at home while vacationing

Keeping the "bad guys' away while on vacation involves more common sense than expense. Maintaining living habits on the home front while away is crucial if you want to keep burglars' at bay.

What about the Glass?

What's the sense in securing your doors and windows when all a burglar has to do is smash the glass to gain entry? Securing your windows must not only include securing the casings that hold the window, it must also include the glass.

Check Security System's Lines of Communication

If you have already installed a monitored home security system and are about to have a DSL connection installed in your home, beware!.

Outdoor Security Camera Tips For Home And Business Owners

There are several important aspects you must consider before buying an outdoor security camera. Of utmost importance is the planning stage; how much area do you intend to cover and which areas are less likely to require monitoring.

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