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The Portal Already on the Belarusian Market
Print 2009-02-19 14:24  

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After nine years of successful performance, the international construction and dwelling portal is starting its activity in Belarus. It will function there under the name of

Belarus is the seventh country in which the portal has appeared. The portal will include articles on dwelling construction and renovation, detailed instructions on performing repair and building works, and photographs of interior design of implemented projects. The catalogue will include more than 600 thousand European companies involved in construction.

In 2007,, the leading construction portal in Lithuania, entered the markets in Latvia, Poland, Great Britain and Germany. In 2008 it entered the Russian market. In Latvia and Poland the portal succeeded to take up a leading position. In those countries the portal was advertised on television and campaigns of outdoor advertising were held. Furthermore, is also in great demand on web search engines.

According to the director of the portal Sergei Jeremenko, it was that helped start and strengthen relationships between businessmen in countries of Eastern Europe and consumers in Great Britain. Unique production of a number of major construction companies that made use of entered the British market. Latvian business owners followed those companies as well. This allows making an assumption that in short run similar cases of successful cooperation will be reckoned among the merits of the Belarusian version of the portal.

According to Paul Bermingham, the World Bank Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, during the last four years the economy of Belarus reached substantial results. The plan of liberalization of conditions of realization of economic activities in 2009 has been approved. The state pays much attention to improvement of procedures related to planning, construction and exploitation of objects. A favourable atmosphere is created for ownership relations, land relations and investment activity; tax and tariff legislation is improved, and the taxation system is simplified. This all contributes to the growth of trust of international community in relation to Belarus as a reliable financial partner.

Since January until November 2008 commodity circulation of the Republic of Belarus with its major partner, the Russian Federation, totalled 32273,6 million US dollars, and was by 38,5 percent higher than the circulation during the same period in 2007. In comparison with 2007, in comparable prices the gross domestic product of Belarus was 10 percent higher, showing the result that exceeded the estimation. The President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stressed that Great Britain may possibly become the main investor in the economy of Belarus. The British ambassador to Belarus Nigel Gould-Davis also pointed out mutual benefits of developing economic relations between the countries. wishes to become a part of the economic life of the country and hopes to be useful for its readers as well as future customers.


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