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The Buoyant Anton Sofa Bed Corner Unit Left Facing Sofa Bed Corner Unit Left Facing The Buoyant Anton
Corner sofas, L shaped sofa beds, Shop for corner sofa in...
969.6 GBP
1358.0 GBP
Multifuel Stove Be Modern Monterrey 4.4kW Multifuel Stove Be Modern Monterrey 4.4kW
Wood or solid fuels stove with full cast iron construction
579.99 LTL
Fireplaces Corona and Corona Steel Stainless steel Fireplaces Corona and Corona Steel
Fireplaces Corona and Corona Steel

Building Stairs Out of Timber

I guess that the very first timber stair was a log that was leaned up against something at a higher level, and early man walked up it instead of climbing using his hands. It wouldn't have been long before notches were cut into the log to make steps.

kitchen lighting

Lighting above the kitchen island

Kitchen interior, lighting fixures in the kitchen and above the island.

interior designer

Moroccan style living room

Living room ideas in Moroccan style

navy walls

Navy bedroom walls

Dark blue bedroom interior, navy wall color


Wooden bathroom vanity

bathroom furniture, wooden furniture, bathroom interior


Shabby Chic bedroom interior

cottage bedroom, shabby chic bedroom, bedroom interior

Bright bathroom

White bathroom ideas

Bathroom design ideas using white bathroom furniture and bright wall color

Beach Hamptons House

Lisa Perry Beach Hamptons House

Dining room

Living Room / Dining Room / Library

This house and its furnishings were dated and needed a major face lift. The project was done in four phases over three years to allow the clients to live in the house during each phase and give them "breathers" between phases.

Oakland Hills Contemporary

A large home with sweeping San Francisco bay views, the goal was to emphasize the natural surroundings and the client’s contemporary art collection

Where to use natural stone as a building material

Stone is an exceptional material – durable as well as aesthetic. Amongst the natural stones to mention here is granite, marble, travertine and sandstone. Natural stone goes from exterior to interior, from the open public to private closed area, from bathroom to kitchen furniture, from fireplace to fountains, from terraces to staircase.

Mirrors in your home interior

Mirror is one of the most effective, fastest and cheapest way to get the maximum of your home space as well as increase the amount of natural light entering the room through the window. If your living space is quite small and you can‘t afford a room extension by breaking the walls, mirrors can be a solution helping to create a visually greater space.

Paintings in your living interior

If you want to bring more life to your home interior, paintings can come as handy. Whilst choosing the paintings you should reflect on its size, colours and shape. For example, a bright coloured painting will make a great impact on a small lounge which gathers people. And it does not really matter what is the genre of the painting - a landscape, a portrait, etc.

Visual expansion of your living space

Your room is too tiny and you are dreaming of a spacious room? Don’t worry. Here is some advice on how to improve your room space. Do you think that it is impossible?

Different types of wood and its characteristics

Wood is one of the most popular building materials not only due to the technical characteristics it has but also the elegance it brings to your home interior.

How to decorate your Windows

As window is the source of natural light, it is essential to decorate the window in a way that suits your home interior or office environment. The decision to make here is how to decorate the windows. Which are better- curtains or blinds?

Loft Conversion

A loft conversion can be an excellent method of increasing the living space in a property, without the substantial expense, and stress, of moving home. Do bear in mind, however, that a loft conversion is a significant undertaking, and professional advice is really a necessity.

2008 Interior Design Awards Results

Residential Interior Decoration

Introduction to Staircase Types and Materials

Staircase is not only a great housing decoration but also a long-term investment. Technically, staircase is a number of steps that lead from one level to another. So what are the types of stairs and what kind of stairs’ materials could be used to emphasize the unique style of interior?

2008 Interior Design Awards Results

Residential Interior Design

Stairs: Examples of Stairs , Designing a Stair, Types of Construction, Handrails

There is no reason why the average do it yourself person can't build good looking and functional stairs. Whether it is an internal staircase or just a short few steps up onto an outside deck. The basics are the same.

How To Install Carpet On Stairs

There are basically two methods of installing carpet on stairs. One is the waterfall method where one piece of carpet covers each riser and tread. The other is the cap and band installation.

Home Décor

It's every person's dream to have the ‘perfect home'. But what exactly do you mean by a ‘perfect home'? Surely, each person will have his/her own idea of perfection. But one thing that will be present in each one's idea of a perfect home would be ‘home décor items'.

Interior Design Trends

2009-02-03   The “Light & Glass” Loft

The project featured is a loft space in Bermondsey where the client asked QMC designers to completely re-design & maximise the overall space with a very contemporary masculine urban feel.

2009-01-26   Omnia Sanitary Collection

A great deal of scope for planners and architects – the Omnia collection for the commercial sector offers innovative, tailor-made solutions

2008-12-17   Beautiful, Intelligent and Ergonomic Bathroom

Lifetime interior is presenting comprehensive bathroom collection comprising sanitary ceramics, furniture, bath and shower partitions, which meet all the requirements of modern bathroom furnishings to perfection.

2008-11-17   Red Hi-Tech Kitchen

Flux corner composition in the “Hi Tech” version is distinguished by the visible frame and the glossy lacquered doors in the new metallic red colour.

2008-06-16   Dover Heights Residence

The focus is on adaptability and "openability" of space. The importance of the "interstitial" or veranda zone, the relationship and transition between indoor and outdoor space.

2008-03-31   Five Dock House (Interior Decoration)

The designers added layers of pattern and richness to an existing 1940’s style brick home with the use of colour, prints, furniture and object.

2007-12-04   Traditional Kitchen with Green Granite Countertops

The existing Kitchen was constructed of a combination of built in walls, a small cooking center, and a corner window.

2007-11-29   A Bathroom Turned into a Wonderful Old World Oasis

The existing bathroom began as a typical contractors bathroom with standard crown moldings, ceramic tile flooring, and basic cabinetry. After a few modifications to the existing architecture, it turned into a wonderful Old World oasis for the client.

2007-10-10   Innovative Design for a Wooden Kitchen (Flux Collection)

This kitchen with veneered and laquered doors is suitable for people who seek a new and contemporary way to interpret the kitchen in wood.

2007-09-26   Kitchen Fusion

This was a beautiful Edwardian house when it was built in 1890. But times have changed since then, and so have the needs of its owners, a young couple who came to us wanting to update their kitchen.

2007-09-18   Renovated Apartment in New York

When this young couple moved back from a 3-year stint in London, they returned to New York to live in one of Central Park West’s exclusive buildings.

2007-08-20   Sophisticated Kitchen for Open Spaces

Comprex has created a new kitchen program called „Essenza”. This collection emphasizes with new range of colours and textures and evokes the sophisticated and essential design.

2007-08-20   City Life Bathroom

City Life from Villeroy & Boch is fully in keeping with the latest international trend defining the bathroom as the “grooming room”.

2007-08-20   Apartment in Shanghai

The interior combined the following passive energy and active energy saving options into one comprehensive set of solutions.

2007-08-20   Wardrobes Accommodating your Bedrooms Quirks and Oddities

If your room resembles a village jumble sale in full swing, which causes great anxiety assoon as you set foot in it, MFI is on hand to help.Storage is the key to dealing with clutter.

2007-08-20   ‘My First Bed’ from MFI

Children’s bedrooms are not only a place to sleep but also a place to play, learn and imagine. Silentnight’s aim is to ‘create a magical place full of adventure’; ‘a canvas for young imaginations.’

2007-08-20   Oasis in the Middle of the Apartment.

By including a Jacuzzi into the area of the balcony, the designer created an “Oasis” theme which sits in the middle of the apartment.

2007-08-20   Integra

Contemporary homes require that the kitchen and living space are often in the same zone. The Integra meets these demands perfectly.

2007-08-17   Less is More

Small but extremely effective washbasins

2007-08-17   Furniture for Those Who like to Entertain

Stefano Bigi designed a collection of furniture that cleverly hid extra seating inside its body.

2007-08-17   Off-shore System Living Area

Off-Shore, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso consists of an extremely elegant composite furnishing range for high-profile living areas.

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