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Visual expansion of your living space
Print 2008-12-08 15:20  

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Your room is too tiny and you are dreaming of a spacious room? Don't worry. Here is some advice on how to improve your room space. Do you think that it is impossible?

Advice 1

Before you start building and decoration works, first of all prepare an area plan so that you could use the space available to the maximum.  

Advice 2

Light walls and white ceiling optically increases the space. Soft wallpaper pattern attracts less attention than the bright one does. Large ceramic tiles or wide floor sheets optically deepen the area.

Advice 3

Consistent area of soft tones helps to "eliminate" borders between separate zones and create a space effect at the same time.

Advice 4

Soft area lighting optically increases the area.

Advice 5

Closed areas reduce the air circulation and narrow the space. It is better to replace walls with blind-type walls. Made of wood or bamboo, they are fixed at one level and allow the sights of what is happening in one end of the area and do not block the air circulation.

Advice 6

It is better to replace ordinary doors with sliding ones or to refuse these at all.

Advice 7

If you want to divide the room in a few zones, a great solution is the sliding doors from floor to ceiling.

Advice 8

If you want to divide a room in separate zones, you can use screens or mobile space dividers - shelvings, paintings, blinds or even furniture.

Advice 9

Whilst choosing furniture, give priority to light wood, opaque metal. Glass wardrobe doors reduce the frontal surfaces. Separate shelving systems with metal support looks visually lighter and do not obstruct the area. Furniture on stalks look much lighter.

Advice 10

Order in a room also creates a space effect. Therefore, it is recommended to keep them in special places to hide from outside looks. It is best to build a wardrobe beside a wall, up to the ceiling.

Advice 11

You are lucky if your room is small with tall walls. You can equip a bed on the "second floor" - just place your bed to maximum height available, with a cabinet underneath. Staircase leading to bed should be very light so that it could be replaced. If you paint the bed supporting girders in a wall,  it will make an effect as if your bed is floating in the air.

Advice 12

In the areas of splay walls there is a possibility to design extra supporting systems.

Advice 13

If you want to emphasize the doors optically, place the cupboards beside them. Neutral colour tones, shining surfaces will help to optically reduce the loading of the area.

Advice 14

You can build recreation zones in window niches. Just place a sofa without a back, a few cushions and enjoy.

Advice 15

Small window sills can be used not only for flower pots but also necessary or unnecessary things. You can adjust it to a great enlightened working place.

Advice 16

The spaces left in walls can be used as a decorative element, to create a composition. Such spaces optically increase the area.

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