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Five Dock House (Interior Decoration)
Print 2008-03-31 13:49  

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The clients bought their house in 2005 with the intention of restoring its original features, yet reinventing it so that it was not nostalgic, but a contemporary representation of the original bones. Through the use of clean-lined joinery and sharp detailing combined with an eclectic range of furniture, furnishings and objects has resulted in a decorative interior with edge. The designers (Greg Natale Design) added layers of pattern and richness to an existing 1940’s style brick home with the use of colour, prints, furniture and object. The scheme revolves around the clients artwork by Susan O’doherty, featured above the sofa, the art work is made up of the colours green, orange, beige, yellow and black. All rooms are tied back to these colours.

The original 1940’s home still retained much of its original features. The designers worked with the understated elegance of the original home adding and subtracting until the result was a contemporary and functional version of the original. The colours are sombre with hint of glamour. A sense of pattern is apparent with the use of geometrics and organic floras by Florence Broadhurst. The house features modernist furniture juxtaposed with antique and reproduction furniture layered with organic and geometric prints.

The approach in preparing the scheme for this house was to keep the fundamentals and in built furniture sharp and clean-line, whilst introducing contrast and richness with loose items and finishes. As mentioned previously, the scheme revolved around the client’s artwork hanging above the sofa. Whilst each room contrasts one another, they each have an intentional relationship with the artwork which links the whole house together.

The client brief for this home was to restore as much of the house as possible, treating both interior design and decoration with sensitivity and respect to the original structure. This has resulted in a strong relationship between the two as the decoration was dictated by the original envelope.

All original details where not gutted but lovingly restored, for example cornices, architraves, even the original layout was restored adding it its cost effectiveness. The piece de resistance is the bathroom, the bathroom is all original, tiles where acid cleaned and re grouted, taps and shower screens are new.
The bathroom is fabulously finished with Florence Broadhurst wallpaper that tone in the colours of the Susan O’doherty artwork and original tiles.

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