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Building Stairs Out of Timber

I guess that the very first timber stair was a log that was leaned up against something at a higher level, and early man walked up it instead of climbing using his hands. It wouldn't have been long before notches were cut into the log to make steps.

Hurricane Resistant Construction

The house has to resist the direct side forces of the wind and the suction and uplift forces that are capable of defeating gravity and then some.

Concrete Finishing

As soon as possible after the concrete has been placed and screeded level, the preliminary float should be started. The idea is to even out the rises left by the screeds.

Concrete Basics

Concrete and concreting is a highly technical subject, and here I will try to give you a brief overview of the basics of small concreting jobs that owner builders and home renovators might want to tackle themselves.

From Dining Room to Bedroom in Just Over a Weekend

How to build new interior wall, add door and soundproofing

Concrete Placing

Concrete placing is the process of getting the concrete, from the mixer, whether it be on a transit mixer truck or a concrete mixer on site, and into the formwork and screeded off level

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