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Roofing Your Home

Basic Considerations When Roofing Your Home

The roof is arguably one of the most integral structural aspects of any home, essential in keeping your residence windproof and watertight.

Flat roofs

Flat roofs are the roofs with the slope of 0,7o-7o. This type of roofs is traditionally used in industrial or dormitory buildings. Besides waterproofing and heat insulating, modern flat roofs serve as an additional effective space. In urban areas flat roofs are turned into patios, gardens, recreational zones or children playgrounds.

Why concrete tiling is a great roofing solution

As older roof coverings are replaced with modern ones and new innovations are being discovered, tiled roofs remain a symbol of prestige, durability, reliability and warmth.

Don't Overlook Metal when Shopping for a Roof

If the time has come to invest in a new roof, it might be worth taking a close look at metal roofing as an option. Metal roofing is far more attractive than you might think and is available in a surprising number of colors and patterns.

How to Spot Ice Damming Before It's Too Late

During the cold winter months when the snow falls and the temperatures remain low, a phenomenon known as ice damming can occur on your roof.

Quick Cures for Roof Leaks

Few things can be more upsetting than the dripping of water from a leak in the roof. Roof leaks typically occur either from a missing or cracked shingle, or from problems around flashings.

Roof Insulation

Roof insulation is one of the ways to achieve efficient energy conservation.

A Few Common Roof Types

The article concentrates on a few common roof designs.

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