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Why concrete tiling is a great roofing solution
Print 2008-10-10 13:40  

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As older roof coverings are replaced with modern ones and , new innovations are being discovered, tiled roofs remain a symbol of prestige, durability, reliability and warmth.

House is an unmovable property which is assessed according to a range of criteria - and tiled roof is one of them that increases the value of the house. Commercial building investors have already measured building benefits whilst choosing better materials. Concrete tiles are used to cover the roofs of blocked flats,  tenement houses and individual housing areas.

Concrete tiles are mostly suitable for timbered houses. Constructions of timbered houses need a bigger load - a tiling roof house gets settled faster, wheres the idea of a timbered house itself requires ecologic roof covering - tiles. Concrete tiles are also of a high benefit for light carcass houses that absorb the vibration and brings stability for the construction.

Tile roofs also have a decorative fuction as they naturally blur with a landscape. Even a simple old construction house or small garden house either reconstructed or  newly built as a residential one looks steady and stylish with a tile concrete roof.

Practically, concrete tiles do not get outdated; the material is so stable and rigid that it is impossible to have one damaged. They easily resist cold, heat and other difficult weather conditions, that‘s why they are widely used from mediterranean to north countries. Tile concrete  roofs also have a characteristic of holding large loads such as snow and autumn showers. As soon as the house is covered with a concrete tiling roof, two advantages can be immediately recognised - low maintenance costs - there will be no need to recover the roof within the next 100 years.

Tile concrete covering is a type of covering which has the highest resistance to fire characteristics and this is favoured by insurance companies  allowing cheaper insurance. So, let‘s discuss some strong arguments against the established attitude about tile concrete roofing.

Tile covering is heavy-weight

The fact that tile covered roof is heavy-weight is an advantage, not a disadvantage. Mass is the unit of inertness. Roof covering needs to be heavy enough to make sure that it won't get swept away by the wind, to minimise noise and vibrations, have inertness features to withstand sudden temperature changes. The weight of tiles is just as much as needed - not too big and not too small. Roof does not consist only of a covering, it also has the tin. If the weight of the tin is about 5 kg/ sq m and the weight of the tiles is around 40 kg/sq m, it does not mean that a tile roof is 8 times heavier in weight. The weight of all roof elements is being calculated - covering, own roof construction weight, insulation and inside decoration materials; snow, wind and other loads are also included. The total calculated load of the tile roof can reach even up to 250 kg/sq m, about 200 kg/sq m of a tin accordingly. If we compare 250 - 200 kg/sq m, we can see that the difference is little and whilst calculating particular roofs, the difference makes only 8 ÷ 18 %, not 8 times.

Tile covering is very expensive.

Steady covering cannot be made of inadequate materials. Whilst using materials of various type, its prices should never be compared due to the fact that the production output varies. Paradoxical, but it can be even cheaper than low cost imitations. For example, if you cover a roof of a complicated construction, you will need much more large sheets that the covered area of the roof, in other words, it is easy just to get rid of sheet strips, in monetary terms, according to a total roof homestrap, the average cost of 1 sq m gets much bigger than the declared covering price for 1 sq m.

Tile roof covering is a hard work

It goes without saying, that it is best to rely this work for the professionals. Before laying the tile covering, all you need to do is count the distance between the purlins. You simply need to stick to instructions provided and follow the steps in a certain order.

Colour of concrete tiles blur

Whilst using modern technologies, concrete tiles are produced from the pigment coloured concrete mass, whereas the top surface of a tile is twice covered with special acryl paint on the water basis. Concrete tiles are produced of ten different colours. The top paint layer slightly blurs due to rainfall and sun effects, but the great thing is that pigments that this material is saturated with along all the thickness of the tile, protects the tone of tiles for the entire decades. That‘s why there should be no concerns that in the passing of time the paint will get ragged or shelled. There is no need to repaint the tiles - this covering ages in a solid way by preserving its style. The tile roof can be washed just with water, it is possible to use chemical instruments and renew the colour.

Tile covering maintenance is complicated

As a matter of fact concrete tile covering requires only minimum supervision. During the largest storms, tile roofs experience least damage, for example, if one of the tiles gets damaged, in this case, it is possible to change only this particular tile, without making damage on the others. It is possible to walk over the tiles without having concerns that they might get abrasion marks whilst you need to maintain your chimney, install antenna or when you need to wipe away the leaves from the roof; tiles do not get rusted.

Tile roofing is a life solution. Whilst choosing a roof covering which is needed for your roof maintanance in either case you want to choose the best solution making sure that your family as well as your property will have a reliable roof for the lifetime. Concrete tiles is the type of materials which will meet all of your expectations. Tiles is a great solution not only due to durability but also due to the fact that under tile concrete roof its quite and peaceful, what is more, tiles make no damage neither to you, nor the environment. Despite all of these practical features, tile roof also brings aesthetic content.

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