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Getting started with materials for windows
Print 2008-05-06 18:00  

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Windows can undoubtedly improve the quality of your life as well as help you create a unique and cozy atmosphere in your own house. Thinking of new windows? But not sure which ones have the best characteristics? So read ahead to find out what materials for windows are available and get a wider picture from the world of windows.

Modern windows are the combination of quality, design and innovation. Due to the development of new complex system technologies, modern windows contain the most important factors such as energy saving, security, noise resistance, heat insulation as well as especially easy maintenance.  What is more, windows can be made of wood, plastic or aluminium.

Aluminium Windows. Aluminium can be easily called a material of the future. It is firm and elastic, thus, of a high-quality. The main advantages of aluminium windows are the long-term stability and easy-maintenance. In addition to this, there is not only a high range of glazing but also colour profiles that you can choose from. As aluminium is the guarantee of the highest standards, the use of it is highly increasing in majority of the European markets, mainly industrial estates, such as production buildings, supermarkets and warehouses. Aluminium is a good heat insulator. And if you are concerned about the security of your own property, aluminium windows is the type you could go for. The installation of higher class bindings, bullet-proof and fire spread minimising systems will increase the level of security. The use of alumium for the windows is also convenient due to the way they are being operated. The window can be easily opened, closed or fixed in a certain position. The alumium-type windows can even contain an electric system, which works pretty much the same as the central locker of the car. Alluminium windows are also great due to the optical features, i.e. it is possible to build-in the narrow profile systems that will ensure the maximum spread of light into the building. The profiles can be painted in different colours from both inside and outside.

And what about the wooden windows?

Wooden Windows. Lots of people go for the wooden windows as wood is a natural product and an impressive decorative material. Wood gives you so much freedom as you can choose from a variety of different wood types according to your own demands. Transparent wood varnishes and coloured preservatives serve as the emphasis on the wood fibre and natural beauty, whereas the paint can help you bring a desired shade. What are the other advantages of wooden windows? It goes without saying that wooden windows are of a firm structure and come as reliable due to the popularity for so many years. What is more, wood is undoubtedly a good heat insulator, thus, there will be no issue with touching the window sill even when the temperature outside the building is below 0; it also helps to keep the humidity balance in the house. Wooden windows are also economic as the cost of energy is constantly increasing. Another thing important to mention here is that amogst all the materials used for window construction, wood has the lowest ration level of thermal dilatation. That‘s what makes the wooden windows not only steady but also static.  Contrary to artificial materials, wooden windows do not preserve the electro-static load or any additional dirt. This is a great feature as you will not need to spend time on cleaning the wooden windows with anti-static cleaning materials. The main types of wood mostly used for window construction is oak, pine, mahogany and larch. The three layer wood technology ensures the resistance of window sill to deformation as well the stability. Exterior layers are normally of a half-radial cutting which saves the surface of the window from slicing.

And what about the plastic windows which have easy maintenance and long-term stability characteristics?

Plastic Windows. Technically, plastic windows are noise resistant, having a great heat insulation (protecting either from the winter cold or the summer heat) as well with an impressive sound insulation (you can enjoy the peace and quite in your own home at all times). In comparison to wooden windows, plastic ones do not require as much futher maintenance due to the smooth surface, all you need to do is wipe the windows with domestic house-hold cleanser and oil the shutter mechanisms. The plastic windows don‘t have a tendency to decompose as the wooden windows do, they don‘t need to be painted either. They are stainless and non-deformative. What is more, they do not get afftected by contaminated industrial environment or the corrosion of the sea climate. It is of a high importance to make a note here that plastic windows can be easily adjustable to various interior or exterior solutions. They can be laminated, painted or covered with aluminium lids. The window profiles can come in different colours and shades, e.g. you can choose the clasic profile or the modern - bright-coloured one. Thus, plastic windows is much more than just the clear view. They are long-term, economic, ecological and  safe (with an increased spindle distance of the binding fillister). What is more, plasctic windows can also be recycled. Up to 97 percent of plastic windows can be reused as a raw material for the new models of plastic windows. The closed cycle helps to save the nature and use up the reserves.

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