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“Invisible House” to be built using carbon fibre in Australia
Print 2008-04-28 11:35  

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A ‘secret' carbon fibre house has been designed by Australian firm EnterArchitecture for a client in Sydney. The architects were given the brief of creating a house that was ‘not apparent' and that would be hidden down a laneway.

The Invisible House, as it is now known for obvious reasons, is architecture that is designed to disappear. Deflected walls have a morphemic effect ensuring that the house is never in complete view and offers a different perspective from whatever point you stand creating what EnterArchitecture describe as a ‘4 dimensional space'.

They say: "In an image conscious, visually accelerated world, to disappear could be considered the ultimate retreat."

The Invisible House presents conventional family functionality with three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs and an open living-room/kitchen and a further bathroom downstairs, but the structure will be anything but conventional.

The carbon structure is super-lightweight at just 100 grams per m2 and has borrowed technologies as well as materials from Formula 1 and Aerospace industries. Paper thin carbon walls can support three times the ordinary weight which further reduce the structure's dominance in its environment. Construction is due to begin shortly.


Photos by: Byron Keane

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