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Project from Stephen Fletcher
Print 2007-08-31 13:56  

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This project involved completely gutting an early nineteenth century London townhouse and totally re-building and extending the interiors. This included digging a new basement beneath the entire footprint of the house which houses the kitchen, study and ancillary accommodation.

This area is lit via a new structural glass skylight behind the street railings. At ground floor level, the open-plan Living Room occupies features a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ fireplace, discreet storage, and a sophisticated audio-visual installation. An elegant oak staircase (with glass balustrade) leads up via several bedroom suites to the pièce de resistance – a fabulous double-height Master Bedroom with Dressing Area Mezzanine, Shower Room and a sunny Roof Terrace.

The exterior of the house was completely renovated, and several new windows inserted in the side elevation with plaster mouldings matching the originals.

Stephen Fletcher Architects

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