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Residential Building in Harsum
Print 2007-08-31 13:01  

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The villa lies in a residential area from the 70's and 80's, where the surrounding buildings look dull and unstructured. The white minimalist building is a bright element in between the neighbours.
Towards the street the building appears locked and demonstrates its private character. Only a black slot accentuates the street façade and points to the entrance of the building. The design deals with the sloping area and makes the decent towards the building an experience by using large exposed concrete plates. An added building, which contains a protected terrace, is separated by a glass joint from the main building. This glass joint lies in the axis of the local church and creates an interesting vista.
The clear and reduced use of forms continues rigorously in the selection of the material. The facades are white plastered. Inside the house all areas, except the tiled baths, are laid with oak parquet flooring. The ceilings are left in visible concrete, what makes everybody see the process of the production and treatment.
Accentuating fields of colours were put on the walls in the children’s and the sleeping room. All other walls are put in to simply white.
The light concept works with atmospheric light moods. All switch circles are fit with light dimmers what creates a warm colour of light. These simple materials with soft light lends its special touch to the residence.
Nieberg Architects

Categories: Building architectural design, Family homes


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