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ABEKOKS Ltd was founded in 1996. It is located in Vilani, Rezekne district in Latgale which is the most picturesque region of Latvia . Thanks to the fruitful cooperation in 2005 between ABEKOKS Ltd and Mortgage and Land Bank of Latvia as well as the Investments and Development Agency of Latvia, a new equipment was purchased that furthered the growth of the volume of production and improved its quality.

A good house means a durable house that protects people from a bad weather and winter frost. A person who is going to build a house has to choose the material for the building.

We offer you to build your house of wood as it is natural which is the main advantage. Its remarkable energetics influences people's feeling well positively.

In those olden times churches, manor houses, bath- houses, etc were made of wood. We use an optimum combination, i.e. forefathers' building techniques and modern technologies. The wooden house of today is not only a corner-jointed building, but it includes the achievements of the latest technology in the building industry.


ABEKOKS Ltd products:


  1. six kinds of milled timber: normal milled square and round beams imitated milled timber (dimensions 180x160mm; 150x100mm)
  2. boards
  3. boxboards
  4. floor boards
  5. decoration boards
  6. fence boards
  7. garden furniture
  8. palette
  9. wood sleeper
  10. firing skobs
Other services:


  • Desiccation
  • Planing
  • Fresh timber
  • Kiln dried timber
  • Length: from 1,2 to 7,2m


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Stacijas 1b, Viļāni
Phone: +371-64-660085, Mobile: +371-29-571703, Email: [email protected]

1 2 3 4 5 ... 41