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Conversion of a Villa in Hamburg
Print 2007-09-07 14:19  

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 The villa was build 1906, directly at the Elbchaussee. The concept interprets the top level as an individual element of this villa. It is separated from the existing facades and has its own theme.
A horizontal glass front, framed by joists of architectural concrete, encases the top level. The interior is characterised by fluent space and different views. The functional areas, such as storage-, utility room and pantry, are freely positioned cubes in the overall room, zoning the individual spaces.
The interior impresses by using simple and reduced materials. Walls and ceilings are painted matt white focusing the attention to the wooden floor. The lighting composition makes use of the natural material creating an imposant atmosphere in the individual spaces.
Nieberg Architects

Categories: Building architectural design, Family homes


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