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Loft in Castagnola
Print 2007-09-05 18:48  

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Due to condominium constraints, the renovation could only involve the inside spaces, so the idea was to enhance the value of a single quality of the apartment, the view of the splendid landscape below. The main idea in developing the project was to eradicate the interior and exterior limits and lend the impression of a wide open space, at one with the lake and the surrounding mountains. The inside walls were eliminated, the roof opened up and a slate grey colour was used on the perimeter walls to visually incorporate the home with the landscape.
The result was a unitary space that pointed up the two axes present on the outside, namely, the horizontality of the lake and the verticality of the mountains. The dark horizontal band of colour allows the occupants to enjoy the landscape without reflection by the wall between the windows. The skylights underscore the vertical and express the precise pyramidal geometry, whose sloped surfaces are valorised by a uniform and polished finish that reflects the colours of the inside and outside.
In this way, the entire volume appears as an abstract space, an intimate place of meditation, where the relaxing and thought-provoking landscape filters in freely.
Davide Macullo Architetto

[email protected]

Categories: Building architectural design, Family homes


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