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Shell-like House in Carabbia
Print 2007-08-31 13:42  

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Carabbia is a little village of approx 600 inhabitants. It rises on the western side of Mount San Salvatore slope in a beautiful bowl.This building responds to the owner’s wish to live in an intimate space, as if it were a shell.Carved in a clear square geometry, the spaces meet the slope and extend in a spiral - fluent movement that constantly changes the perception of the space and its relation with the exterior, offering privileged views towards the beautiful landscape of the region.

This small house (13x13m) stands for a sequence of experiences condensed in a continuous space that gives a sense of protection and, at the same time, of being projected into the landscape.

Davide Macullo Architetto

[email protected]


Categories: Building architectural design, Family homes


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