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Paint brushes
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 The size and shape of a paint brush have to be selected according to the type of work to be performed. Big brushes are used for painting large areas, while small and thin are indispensable for narrow surfaces. Hog bristle brushes are typically cone-shaped and have their bristles split at the end, which makes paint application even and easy. However, they are less durable that synthetic brushes.
Before starting your paint work, wash the brushes with soapy water. If the bristles are too long and make painting difficult, bind them tight with a cord. Remember that before being used for the first time, a brush needs to be kept in water for roughly an hour, because swollen bristles spread the paint evenly and are not that quick to come out. Besides, bristles that haven't been soaked in water are too hard and can leave marks on freshly painted surfaces.

Seeking to achieve a better paint application, dip the brush in the paint and rub it against the inner surface of the can. Repeat this action until at least half of the brush gets saturated with paint. When painting, keep turning the brush so that all its sides wear out equally. A brush is considered to be worn-out if 60 percent of the hair length has been scuffed. With a natural bristle brush, weighing 400 g. you can paint the area of 500-800 m2. If the glue-based paint is used, wear and tear is lower: one brush can be enough to paint an area of 1000 m2 .
If pausing during the work, dip the brush into the water, grout or leave it in the paint. The brush shouldn't be touching the bottom of the can. If the break is longer, the brush has to be washed in the following way: first, wash it the White spirit solvent, then - in the soapy water till the water running from the brush is clean. If the brush has been bound, untie it before washing - otherwise some paint may stay where it was tied, which might spoil your brush. If the glue-based paint has been applied, wash the brush with warm or hot water, then wring out the brush and hang it bristles first, making a shape of a torch flame. If the bristles stick out, bind them together and wrap the bristle into gauze. To avoid rot, keep the dried brushes wrapped in parchment paper.

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