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Waterborne co-polymer latex paint Vatrumsgrund
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Company:Ray Munn Ltd, Beckers distributor in the UK
Address:861 - 863 Fulham Road
Phone:020 77369876
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Våtrumsgrund is a waterborne co-polymer latex paint intended for priming of walls and ceilings in wet rooms (bathrooms, etc) in hygiene surfaces on hospitals, food processing, etc.

Våtrumsgrund Wet Room Primer is intended for pre-painting of absorbent surfaces diluted 1:1 with water), for adhesion fiber glasses texture and for priming. It can also be used for priming stucco, concrete, gypsum board and previously pre-painted surfaces.

Våtrumsgrund has very highwater resistance and gives a tight coat to stop water and moisture. Good adhesion for fibre glass texture.

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Waterborne co-polymer latex paint
Waterborne co-polymer latex paint

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Ray Munn Ltd, Beckers distributor in the UK

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