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Waterborne latex emulsion paint Elegant Vaggfarg Matt
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Company:Ray Munn Ltd, Beckers distributor in the UK
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Elegant Väggfärg Matt - Soft Sheen

Elegant Väggfärg Matt is a top quality waterborne latex emulsion paint for both new walls and repainting of walls and ceilings indoors, where a strong, durable and washable surface is required.

Elegant Väggfärg is ideal for use in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, offices, kitchens. It can be used on plaster, concrete, sand spackled surfaces, woodfibre chip board and gypsum board, texture, wallpaper, vinyl and previously painted surfaces.

Elegant Väggfärg has very good adhesion, for example, to latex, alkyd and oil-painted surfaces and for this reason it is ideal for repair painting. It has a very low odour level while painting and during drying. It gives a round and soft surface structure, dries quickly and does not yellow with age. The coverage ability is extremely high.

Elegant Väggfärg Helmatt has been awarded the EU 'Eco-Flower' logo, the EU endorsement for environmentally friendly products - and is also recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy

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Waterborne latex emulsion paint
Waterborne latex emulsion paint

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Ray Munn Ltd, Beckers distributor in the UK

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