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Paint for covering interior walls Elegant Vaggfarg Harmoni
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Company:Ray Munn Ltd, Beckers distributor in the UK
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Elegant Harmoni Väggfärg

Elegant Harmoni Väggfärg is a completely flat and durable paint for covering interior walls. The product has a very fine sand-like texture and can be used to paint most indoor surfaces. It has properties that make it both scratch-resistant and washable.

Elegant Harmoni has a completely flat finish that creates a harmonious and soothing atmosphere, without disturbing reflections. It can be applied on plaster, concrete and sand-spackled surfaces, fibreboard and plasterboard, woven wallpaper fabrics, paper wallpaper and previously painted surfaces.

Elegant Harmoni is included in the Beckers Colour System and can be tinted in thousands of different colours. Keep in mind, however, that NCS colour samples might vary slightly for certain colours, because of the finish and texture of the product.

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Paint for covering interior walls
Paint for covering interior walls

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Ray Munn Ltd, Beckers distributor in the UK

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