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Ray Munn Ltd, Beckers distributor in the UK

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Leading Swedish paint manufacturer, floor paints, walls paints, lacquers, varnishes, outdoor paints


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Alcro-Beckers' main production plant is located on Lövholmen in Stockholm, Sweden. Production takes place in one of the most environmentally friendly paint plants in the world, certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

The plant is equipped with its own environmental control systems to clean wastewater and emissions before they are released. Lövholmen is also the most modern paint manufacturing plant in Europe. Each production stage is computer controlled, enabling Alcro-Beckers to guarantee that the quality of each product is uniformly high.

  • The facility in Stockholm produces 30 million litres of paint per year.
  • Two-thirds of this production consists of water-based paints.
  • The remaining one-third comprises solvent-based paints (with white spirit being the strongest solvent).
  • The plant in Stockholm produces 2,000 different products and 4,500 batches annually.
  • About 115 employees work at the plant.

We are proud of the fact that Beckers was the first paint brand sold in the UK to have been awarded the prestigious EU 'Eco-Flower' symbol for environmental safety for many of our products -  plus the endorsement of the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association in their home country 

Carl Wilhelm Becker founded Beckers in 1865 in a shop in Stockholm. 121 years later, the company merged with Alfort & Cronholm and Alcro-Beckers was founded.  Today, the company produces 30 million litres of paint every year. 


Beckers is founded by Carl Wilhelm Becker, a young German active in the paint industry. He finds that the Swedish market is virtually undeveloped and the first shop is started in Stockholm to sell paint, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.


The first production plant is started for paint and varnishes.


Alfort & Cronholm is founded by J.M. Alfort and C.W. Cronholm. The company manufactures paint in a production plant in Stockholm, Sweden.

1951 Beckers produces the first water-based paint.
1964 The first non-Swedish start-up, Oy Wilh. Becker AB, is formed in Finland.

Beckers moves beyond the Nordic region, seeking new markets in Europe. The first country selected is England and Becker Paint Limited is formed.

1986 The consumer and professional painting operations of Alfort & Cronholm and Beckers are merged to form Alcro-Beckers.

Alcro-Beckers acquires Pigrol, a German paint company with production in Ansbach, as well as Archipel, a French distributor. Both companies are incorporated in the Alcro-Beckers Group.
Ray Munn Ltd, becomes the UK importer/distributor

2001 Tikkurila Oy, Finland's biggest paint company, buys Alcro-Beckers. Tikkurila Oy is part of the Kemira Group.

Name Short description Master price
Decorative painting for indoors Decor Metall Silver Decor Metall is awaterborne acrylic enamel paint for decorative painting indoors on smallwall surfaces, small ceiling...
Floors glossy waterborne acrylic based clear varnish Parkettlack 80 Beckers Parkettlack 80 varnish is a glossy waterborne acrylic based clear varnish for treatment of all types of woode...
Glossy paint, based on urethane alkyd Golvfärg Paints use on wooden, linoleum and concrete floors, both indoors and outdoors
Latex Emulsion Paint Beckersplast 3 Beckerplast 3 Latex Emulsion Paint is awaterborne latex paint for newand repainting of walls and ceilings indoors, wh...
Paint for covering interior walls Elegant Vaggfarg Harmoni Elegant Harmoni Väggfärg is a completely flat and durable paint for covering interior walls. The product has a very f...
Waterborne co-polymer latex paint Vatrumsgrund waterborne co-polymer latex paint intended for priming of walls and ceilings in wet rooms (bathrooms, etc) in hygiene...
Waterborne latex emulsion paint Elegant Vaggfarg Matt Top quality waterborne latex emulsion paint for both new walls and repainting of walls and ceilings indoors


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Ray Munn Ltd, Beckers distributor in the UK

Leading Swedish paint manufacturer, floor paints, walls paints, lacquers, varnishes, outdoor paints 861 - 863 Fulham Road, London
Phone: 020 77369876 , Email: [email protected]

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