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2021-09-22   Terrace construction

How to build an outdoor terrace, what materials should be used to construct an outdoor terrace WPC outdoor terrace boards, terrace construction and fixing   more »

2020-02-26   Roof tile roofing

Roof tile roofs and all you need to know about installing one yourself.  more »

2019-04-23   The Hidden Hazards of a Messy Desk

Tangled wires, loose papers, and old food sitting around your space can pose a danger to your very wellbeing.  more »

2019-02-19   Building Stairs Out of Timber

I guess that the very first timber stair was a log that was leaned up against something at a higher level, and early man walked up it instead of climbing using his hands. It wouldn't have been long before notches were cut into the log to make steps.  more »

2019-01-05   Lighting above the kitchen island

Kitchen interior, lighting fixures in the kitchen and above the island.   more »

2015-09-18   Agricultural trailers and semi-trailers

The use of attached semitrailers with different constructions and purposes in the agriculture allows increasing the effectiveness of work on a farm and decreasing the transport costs.   more »

2015-01-31   Moroccan style living room

Living room ideas in Moroccan style  more »

2015-01-18   Pantone color of the year 2015

Pantone announced the color of the year. They named it Marsala.  more »

2015-01-05   Navy bedroom walls

Dark blue bedroom interior, navy wall color  more »

2015-01-03   Wooden bathroom vanity

bathroom furniture, wooden furniture, bathroom interior  more »

2015-01-03   Dark floor in the living room

Dark floor, wood floor, living room interior  more »

2015-01-03   Design awards in France 2014

Best residential interior in France 2014. Anne Sophie Goneau  more »

2015-01-03   Shabby Chic bedroom interior

cottage bedroom, shabby chic bedroom, bedroom interior  more »

2014-12-19   Australian design awards 2014

Premier award 2014 Best interior design in Australia Loft design  more »

2014-12-18   Wall decals for nursery

Wall decal designs and ideas for kids room.  more »