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Orchid House

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Orchid House
Print 2008-05-09 16:45  

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The house is located at Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds Gloucestershire, a privately owned, former gravel quarry of 222 hectares with seven lakes and three rivers. Overall the development will provide some 575 holiday homes with leisure facilities that include a spa, village hall, library and shops.

Featherstone Associates' inspiration for Orchid House comes from the wildlife and landscape at Lower Mill Estate. A number of Orchid species can be found here, but it is the camouflage of the Bee Orchid that specifically generated the design.

The house will blend with its landscape and environment. The organic form is created from laminated veneer lumbar (LVL) ribs and clad with timber shingles (tiles). The camouflage pattern is burnt in to the timber.

Orchid House will be located on a south facing lakeshore site, with the main living spaces floating over the water. Terraces, gangway and pontoon cascade from the heart of the house as that of the orchid petals.

The house offers flexible living spaces, adopting a layout which we have pioneered in our house designs. The kitchen is at the heart of the house with the living and dining wings fanning out to create an intimate open courtyard around which the house orientates. It is like a ‘whorl' of leaves encircling the seed of the flower.

Orchid House is one of several exciting projects Featherstone Associates are currently working on, others include the design of housing at the Olympics Athlete Village 2012 and a new build sustainable house in Wales which has its living rooms hovering in the trees overlooking a river below.



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