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Arkon Park Residence Project

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Arkon Park Residence Project
Print 2008-05-06 14:46  

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Arkon, building which has been the statement of trust for years is bringing a unique housing comprehension to Istanbul. Arkon Park Residence with its 34 and 39 floored two towers elegantly rising up through the clouds in Halkalı which is the new center of the circulation web of the city will be the street of 538 houses opening out into the sky. Arkon Park Residence which has a clear view owing to both its location and its characteristic of being one of the highest housing structures, offers an incomparable vista opportunity to its owners with the biggest city park area on one side and magnificent lake section on the other. Most of the housing in Arkon Park Residence which designed various apartments for various people in any character and size consist of 1+1houses. Arkon Park Residence project which can provide home for any family size expects everyone who is looking for a secure investment and wanting to live aloft.


Istanbul is a mega city expanding in any direction every day. The most important element in a city this much dynamic and large becomes easiness of transportation. The location of Arkon Park Residence in Halkalı which is the new center of the circulation web of Istanbul and its adjacency to the crucial points of the city carries the project into an important position. It takes less than ten minutes for you to reach TEM connection roads or E-5 from the point of Arkon Park Residence. Arkon Park Residence which is 18 km to Taksim, the centerof the city and 7 km to the airport, by being in Halkalı the center of transportation in the city not only giving a comfortable life to its habitants in itself but also in the city.


Arkon Park Residence with its 138 and 155m high towers is a product of an initiator architecture which combines modern material and esthetics in an excellent form. These 34 and 39 floored magnificent structures proves themselves against nature by using all the facilities of technology and engineering however they are also structures which are in pace with the nature by overflow the sky and leaving 92% of the area to greenery. Arkon Park Residence which is secure like a bunker against earthquakes, is one of the exceptional projects which accomplishes being both elegant, beautiful and functional without conceding its solidity. Any kind of comfort is provided by computer equipped electronic systems in the project which generates architectural solutions with peevishness. Arkon Park Residence is a real "clever building" calculated and designed through the smallest detail. Arkon Park Residence offers greenery to habitants not only on ground floor but also on interval floors. The four floored sky gardens on the top of the towers offer an unobtainable environment for enjoying the lake and park view. Arkon Park Residence with its 538 apartments is the second biggest housing project of Turkey.

It is not difficult to estimate that almost every apartment of the two towers which are 34 and 39 floored has a magnificent lake and park view. Arkon Park Residence which mostly consists of 1+1 apartments will be the address of dynamic, modern and peaceful living. Owning an apartment in Arkon Park Residence means owning a new life form with its social living areas containing any kind of facilities. By courtesy of Open and closed swimming pools; shopping areas that contain fitness centers, restaurants, cafes and stores; tennis courts; basketball, football and beach volley courts Arkon Park Residence habitants could sustain all their lives in this gorgeous complex whenever they want.



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