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New Projects Wanted!

At the present time we are seeking new interesting residential projects to be posted in the column “Architectural Design Ideas”. Architects from all over the world are invited to e-mail their projects with a description and photos to [email protected] The architect's name and contacts would be credited against the relevant article when posted. There is no cost involved to those wishing to participate in the project. Contact: Irina Pavlova [email protected]   more »

Architectural Design Ideas

2008-05-09   Orchid House

The house is located at Lower Mill Estate in the Cotswolds Gloucestershire, a privately owned, former gravel quarry of 222 hectares with seven lakes and three rivers. Overall the development will provide some 575 holiday homes with leisure facilities that include a spa, village hall, library and shops.

2008-05-06   Arkon Park Residence Project

Arkon, building which has been the statement of trust for years is bringing a unique housing comprehension to Istanbul. Arkon Park Residence with its 34 and 39 floored two towers elegantly rising up through the clouds in Halkalı which is the new center of the circulation web of the city will be the street of 538 houses opening out into the sky.

2008-04-30   13 Park Square Mews, London

No. 13 is a small, contemporary mews house in Regents Park, nested amidst Grade 1 and 2 Listed buildings by Nash. The house is surrounded on one side by the terraced houses of Brunswick Place and on the other by Park Square West.

2008-04-28   “Invisible House” to be built using carbon fibre in Australia

A ‘secret' carbon fibre house has been designed by Australian firm EnterArchitecture for a client in Sydney. The architects were given the brief of creating a house that was ‘not apparent' and that would be hidden down a laneway.

2007-09-07   Conversion of a Villa in Hamburg

The villa was build 1906, directly at the Elbchaussee. The concept interprets the top level as an individual element of this villa. It is separated from the existing facades and has its own theme.

2007-09-07   Home-office in Formentera'

Home-office in Formentera's Pujol de s’Era’ is a very characteristic tract of countryside in the interior ofFormentera. It comprises some 33,000 m² of wheat and barley fields and a bushed area withsavin, rosemary and juniper, set in a topography that is almost flat. This was to be the locationof a space for living and working.

2007-09-05   Loft in Castagnola

Due to condominium constraints, the renovation could only involve the inside spaces, so the idea was to enhance the value of a single quality of the apartment, the view of the splendid landscape below.

2007-09-05   House in Ticino

Located in one of sunniest place of southern Switzerland, this house rises on the site where once old rural constructions were.

2007-08-31   Project from Stephen Fletcher

This project involved completely gutting an early nineteenth century London townhouse and totally re-building and extending the interiors.

2007-08-31   Shell-like House in Carabbia

This building responds to the owner’s wish to live in an intimate space, as if it were a shell.

2007-08-31   New Apartment over the Existing Garages

The new apartment is put over the existing garages of a residential building from the 60's as an independent element.

2007-08-31   Residential Building in Harsum

The villa lies in a residential area from the 70's and 80's, where the surrounding buildings look dull and unstructured. The white minimalist building is a bright element in between the neighbours

2007-08-31   Los Amates House

The vegetation and the warm weather of the area, as well as the customer’s needs, were three important factors for the design of this house.

2007-08-31   Diversity instead of Integrity from Kazuyasu Kochi

The designer intended to create a building consisting of completely different parts, each having a unique color and character